Three Fall Diet Tips for Yogis

Three Fall Diet Tips for Yogis

The changing of the seasons is often a signal that yogis need to make some changes to their diet as well. The same foods aren’t as plentifully available into the colder months. Bodies can’t handle the same intake that they were trying to keep up with just a few months prior. It’s time to slow down and make some adjustments to the diet to keep your body healthy into the winter months. 

1. Drink Hot Water 

The chillier air outdoors means that we need to do more to take care of generating warmth within our bodies now. A great way to stoke that heat early in the morning and throughout the day as needed is to drink a cup of warm or hot water. Warm water can also help flush toxins out of the body, making for clearer skin and healthier organs. 

Replace the ice cubes with a quick boil on the stove or heat from the microwave. Drinking hot water can mean either plain water or hot tea, created from a pleasant blend of herbs and spices. Consider chai tea or ginger tea to gain added benefits for your digestive system and immune system.

2. Keep Away From Dairy

Colds and other congestion issues tend to run rampant in the winter month. Take away some of its power by severely limiting the amount of dairy in your diet during this season. Dairy tends to increase congestion issues, making it difficult to breathe or find relief from sinus issues. All types of dairy should be avoided, including yogurts and cheeses. 

Instead, consider healthy alternatives to traditional dairy products. A splash of almond milk can add extra protein to your cereal, a positive thing for the winter. Coconut milk can also offer some additional hydration properties and can be used to sweeten a mug of hot tea. Both of these can be consumed by themselves as a replacement for cow’s milk. 

3. Don’t Go For A Raw Food Diet 

Fall isn’t necessarily the best time of the year for a raw diet. Fewer produce items are in season during this time, making dietary selections rather slim for raw foods. Instead, yogis should focus on creating wholesome cooked meals. The warmth from these dishes can help to create warmth in the body and stimulate the internal organs. It’s a great way to feel more satisfied and to make your body healthier for the cold weather outside. 

Consider making your own casseroles or baked dishes with a variety of whole grain ingredients. You should also attempt to incorporate ghee into your dishes, a type of clarified butter designed to help lubricate your digestive system for a better flow. 

Preparing the body for winter can be as simple as swapping a few of your favorite snack foods for better items. Your diet can play a big part in how your body heals and protects itself from colds and infections. Consider what you can do today to help keep your body warm, hydrated, and satisfied for the colder days ahead.

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