Mindfulness as Part of a Full Life

Mindfulness as Part of a Full Life

Have you ever noticed that person that never seems bothered by anything? Who looks at people when they talk about stress, and just looks confused? You might think that they reach that level of personal satisfaction in life because nothing unfortunate ever happens to them. More than likely, that is not the case; the number of unfortunate situations they find themselves in is not statistically lower than other people. A more probable explanation is that they have found how much their lives are improved when they practice mindfulness. The regular practice of mindfulness techniques will help you overcome obstacles, reduce your stress levels, and increase your productivity. There are also several proven physical health benefits that also come with dedication to being mindful.

Obstacles, Stress, and Productivity

All of these topics are tightly interconnected. It is a triangle, and each point impacts the other two. When you are faced with an obstacle, it is quite common to become stressed. The stress leads to a chaotic mind and other unpleasant symptoms. With this added stress, you find yourself less productive. Finally, the triangle closes with your lack of productivity giving you more obstacles. This is a cycle that too many people live in, and some focus on mindfulness can help break you out of it.

Mindfulness is associated with being present in the current moment. This shifts the focus off of what could be and what might happen and lets you really pay attention to what is going on right now. This attention to the current moment lets you deal with the obstacles that you face in an effective manner. Because you are no longer distracted by what-ifs and worst cases, you can stay in a state of lower stress, and you will notice that you get more done. Gandhi was once heard to have said that he was so busy, he could not meditate once today; instead, he was so busy that he had to make time to meditate twice to successfully get through it all.

Physical Benefits of Mindfulness

Along with the ability to handle life’s little, and big, bumps, mindfulness has been shown to help your physical health in several ways. Mindfulness has been shown to reduce blood pressure, lower your resting heart rate, and even help you sleep better. A lot of these are clearly associated with the lower rates of stress reported by people who practice mindfulness with dedication.

For all the greatness that mindfulness can bring to your life, spending some time once or twice a day is completely worthwhile. When you can manage life’s challenges, and still stay satisfied with where you are, you will find that you fight against things less. This reduction in the effort against the world will leave you in a state of mind where you can be productive and happy. A person who is productive and happy is going to be less stressed, and that is a great thing. Stress is associated with a number of health issues, so be careful.

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