A Polite Yogi

A Polite Yogi

You try to be a polite person, and that means being considerate to those around you. However, you may be accidentally breaking some etiquette because you just do not know. Sometimes you might not be aware that when it comes to yoga etiquette it is important how you smell, how to keep your own space, and how to respect your instructor. If you are accidentally doing any others things wrong, don’t feel bad. The other people know you are not being rude on purpose, but now is a great time to work towards being more pleasant.


Smell and Body Odor

It should be common knowledge that keeping to a regular bathing schedule is a courtesy to those around you. This holds true for a yoga class as well. Being well kept does not mean being dolled up all the time, just make sure you shower regularly. Clean clothes are also a must, considering unwashed yoga clothes can get smelly quickly.

You should also try avoiding heavily perfumed lotions, hair products, and other body products. This can be overwhelming in the small yoga studios. Many people are very sensitive to it. Perfumes can cause allergic reactions and headaches. Be mindful of those around you, and avoid these products directly prior to your yoga class.


Keep to Your Own Space

Yoga does not take up that much space, which is one of the great things about it. While falling out of poses does happen, being polite means keeping your limbs to yourself as much as possible. Having someone falling into your space. If your balance is not quite where it needs to be for a particular class, you can use balance assistance, stay to the side, or look into a less advanced class until it improves.


Respect You Instructor

There are a few things that yoga teachers regularly complain about when it comes to their students. The first thing to look at is sticking to the sequence the teacher is showing. Most teachers will have substitutions they add in their sequences, and that is a great way to adjust the class to your abilities. What you want to avoid is going way off of the beaten path. It can be distracting to the rest of the class when you do something completely different. It also is disrespectful to the effort that your instructor has put into the planning of the class.

Another common thing that teachers mention is having students trying to act like extra instructors. You are most likely to see other yoga instructors do this, mostly out of habit. They correct the form or give tips to other students. It is best to just leave that to the instructor of that particular class. That is their job, let them do it.

A class full of respectful people is going to be a lovely bunch for yoga. This builds a community that is happy and cohesive. You may have been guilty of a few of these things in the past, and that is okay. Most people realize that it is just a case of not knowing better. Now you know better, so be kind to your fellow classmates.


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